passion project


Toby Price… . What a champ! This guy is
a machine and tears up a sand dune in no time at all.I’ve always been a massive fan and as a Dakar enthusiast, I have been in awe constantly.

When I started doing the helmet heads, I knew I wanted to do one for him and I’m so happy with how it turned out. This wasn’t a commission, it was purely a passion project and how much fun it was indeed!


You can see some progress shots and a process video below.

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Toby is currently riding for Red Bull Factory KTM Rally Team.


My main process is simple. I use a photograph as a base – much like the old school painters used projection to “trace” their work onto different areas in larger scale.

In modern times we moved to light tables and today we can use tools like the iPad Pro to digitally draw from a digital light table so to speak. You can view my process for this specific motorcycle in the video.

Total strokes


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